Do you have the courage to achieve your New Year's resolutions?

Matej Peco

Entrepreneur | Marketer | Developer


Helping People Reach Their Potential​​

I started as a software developer and published free products on a market similar to Google Play. Since then I went into video-course creation and now I am introducing my personal brand.



Upgrade your personal brand

Let me show you how to transform your personal brand using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Learn to spread your message over the internet effectively to grow your audience.

Your Brand Story Builds Connection

Telling a powerful story builds deep rapport with your audience. Create a balanced, coherent story over all your social media and increase your audience cross-media engagement. 


Create and Launch Successful Online Courses

I am extremely humbled to have released my very first online-course in July 2018, and this is just the beginning. 

After almost 7 years of coding and selling online products, I will teach you the same principles and strategies that helped me achieve freedom and independence.

Learn to create the ultimate course for the right audience and drive exceptional sales, using proven marketing campaigns and product launch strategies.

Achieve your goals with smart planning

Do you feel overwhelmed by daily tasks? So overwhelmed that you feel like you are living a distracted random life, that you can’t get your mind to focus on the main game? Your dreams and desires. Setting up clear goals with defined steps is the missing link.

Every Journey Starts with a First Step