Matt Peco

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How Life Can Turn Around
When You Take

I am a deeply rooted introvert. At least that was what I thought… 

I was born and grew up in a small European country, Slovakia. Growing up without a father and my mom working 9-5. I’d spend afternoons experimenting with our computer. 

In 2012, my life took a turn, when my family and I moved to Norway. Times were challenging and I found it difficult to build a new social circle for years.

After moving to Norway, I started up a Minecraft server and at its peak it had attracted over 30,000 unique playersAs a perfectionist, I wanted to code custom stuff for it, and in order to do so I had to learn a completely new coding language.

Matt Peco

Humble Beginnings

I started a sales business at the age of 17, although I did not take it seriously for two full years. One of my free programs got over 500,000 downloads and that inspired me to publish a paid version.

I developed 7 programs for my Minecraft server that I sold online. These programs cost between 5-10€ each this allowed me to save enough to move on my own and become independent.

The learning curve was steep.  Soon I burned out and lost my passion. I become overwhelmed by routines like answering customer questions and coding that took my energy for anything bigger.

As I attempted to escape the rat race, get-rich-quick schemes were something that caught my attention many times. I laugh remembering investing in Bitcoin in December 2018 just before the price started to decline. When I think about it, it’s not about the money, but rather, I was looking for peace of mind and a feeling of security. 

In the end, I am learning to enjoy life and became more humble, growing my own ideas and opportunities,  rather than jumping on various “hit it & quit it” schemes.

There Is No Magic Moment When You Feel Ready

At some point I just started. No more procrastination. With 6 years of experience and gathering knowledge in the field of programming and online sales. I wanted to distill this into a course that would help others achieve their goals.

This idea seemed easy. The execution was not.

I devoted myself to developing the course for three months. Finally SpigotCourse, was ready, an intensive video course divided in to 24 hour long sessions. 

In just one month after launch, sales went through the roof. I easily recovered my development expenses and began the planning and implementation of new businesses in diverse fields.

New Horizons Ahead

Right now there are plenty of projects that I am working on or preparing. I try to organize my life in a way that makes me feel free and happy regardless of what I do.

Finding a balance between realistic expectations and keeping big dreams alive is one of the biggest challenges a man can face in today’s world.

Sometimes it gets too much, other times I feel like I am being lazy, but I always try to keep the inner light glowing within me no matter what I do. Alright, that’s enough for a small introduction, now it’s your turn!

“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.”

-Elon Musk