Mentoring Program

Matej knows his stuff and helped me work through some long-term projects and issues I am facing right now. He is a very patient teacher and a kind person. I definitely recommend Matej and I would give him another call!

– Andrej Tichy

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Want to Teach Online?

Teaching online has been one of the most popular trends in recent years. Many people in business prefer to learn from well crafted courses, conferences and mentoring programs, over a formal college education.

Current hourly rate starts at $60.

Whether you are starting out, or already have an online course, I am here to share my personal insights so you can confidently begin this journey. 

I will guide you through the following:

  1. Choosing the right audience
  2. Find a winning course topic
  3. Craft an irresistible offer
  4. Paid promotion and advertising

Before you release your course, learn how to:

  • Pre-sell your course
  • Create a lead-generation course 
  • Use email campaigns to prepare your audience
  • Launch your course successfully

After your course is released, get advice on the following:

  • Keeping sales high after the launch
  • Use marketing campaigns to increase sales

Where I teach?

I teach on the, a secure platform that connects students and mentors together and provides them all the tools required for a successful coaching session.

Getting advice from those who’ve been successful is one of the best ways to move your dreams forward.

Learn Java / Spigot?

Get access to prestigious consulting from one of most popular author/creators on Spigot [source].

Starting at just $60 an hour,

If you are a coder, I give you the tools to:

  • Cut time for testing plugins to half (Eclipse or IntelliJ)
  • Eliminate your coding mistakes
  • Optimize your code performance
  • Solve complex tasks using the SpigotAPI or PaperAPI

If you run a Minecraft server, you will:

  • Identify weak points on your server / network
  • Boost performace to prevent lags
  • Prevent hackers accessing your server (permissions check, staff check)
If you are selling premium plugins, master learning:
  • Marketing secrets that got me 500,000 downloads for ChatControl
  • Crafting an irresistible offer that clients can’t refuse.
  • Learn about sales, design, SEO, and promotion of your products
will treat your program as if it were my own. I will critique your code, give you tailored feedback, and guide you through the obstacles, to solid solutions. 

This call was awesome. I gained way more value than I anticipated. Matej is genuinely interested in helping you take your business to the next level. He gets straight to the point and leaves you with practical feedback. I definitely recommend him if you need ideas for building social media or making money.

– Ladislav Cipka