Here is a short presentation of my past and present work.




July 2018, I released one of the biggest online courses for coding and selling Minecraft plugins specifically for the Spigot platform.

Plugins are software extensions for the Minecraft multiplayer server named Spigot, allowing developers to enhance the game.

In the course, you learn how to become fluent in the Java programming language, code your own plugins and sell them world-wide. You also discover marketing, copywriting and design essentials.


Minecraft Plugins

Since 2013, I created many free and paid plugins published on Spigot
and a range of open-source libraries.


ChatControl transformed the market since its first release. Over 500,000 users downloaded the free version that is now considered the industry standard in protecting and managing the game chat.

Boss offers the most versatile custom monsters complete with a skill system, natural spawning and a beautiful GUI. Boss Monsters can be completely custom designed to suit your needs and interests.

CoreArena revolutionized the way players fight monsters in an arena, introducing a custom physical engine, class system, and tons of mind-blowing features.

Confiscate protects your server against exploits that anti-cheats can’t catch, reveals abusive administrators and improves your economy.

Winter is a theme plugin bringing realistic snow particles, terrain freezing, deadly snowmen, snow storms, gift chests and many more Christmas features.

Puncher is a mini-game in which players fight each-other on a tiny ice platform. Puncher features a physical engine capable of procedural damage, team system, classes and RPG elements.

AutoPlay connects mini-game plugins to run autonomously and seamlessly, and includes a hub system for your server.

AnimeX enlivens your server with module-based animations that run exactly when you need it, and how you need it.

What are plugins?

Plugins are small programs that add or improve functionality of the original software.

What is Spigot?

Spigot is a modding community enhancing the original server and making plugins possible. 

Previous Work

Before learning English and publishing in the global marketplace, I made many projects for the Czech and Slovak gaming communities. Here are the most significant ones:




Before coding plugins for Minecraft servers, I used to host my own server and relied on what others had to offer.

I created RushMine in 2012 and at its peak it had become a well known community with over 30,000 registered players

Rushmine offered several gamemodes in one place and gave players total freedom on how they wanted to play.

As I developed and published more and more custom plugins, the time needed to properly manage a server diminished and so I had to say good-bye to RushMine in 2015.


The Game Web

The “Herný web” project literally means “the game web” in English, and that’s what the website was meant for.

It was founded in 2008 and actively maintained until 2013, featuring games like Grand Theft Auto, Crysis and others.

I am incredibly humbled to have served thousands of people in search of a centered information platform before other sources in the Czech and Slovak community existed, and provided them with tools to improve their in-game experience (Also shortening their waiting time till a particular game was released).



Multi Theft Auto

This website was my very first custom-coded page developed from scratch, featuring essential PHP and JavaScript elements. Coded in 2010.

This used to be the Czech and Slovak page where you could find the most popular multiplayer software for the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video-game.

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Lukáš Kovanda